i can feel this body
dying all around me -!

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β™‘οΈŽβ˜‰ β™ŒοΈŽβ˜½ β™‹οΈŽβ†‘

she/her 🦷 sapphic 🦷 mi/nd

hi, i'm fae. πŸ¦‹

here are some of my main interests:🦒 mycology/mushroom cultivation
☁ vampires, faeries, changelings, fantasy creatures
πŸ«– gouache/watercolor + digital painting
πŸͺž tarot + astrology
πŸ•ΈοΈ entomology + bug pinning
🦴 media analysis


status: c l o s e dyou will find my commission tiers below!

please make sure to read my tos
🌸 before contacting me for a commission! πŸŽ€
click the ko-fi cup for more info on payment!


price range:

a drawing with flat color and/or minimal shading. cursory refinement. price will vary based on complexity of the subject


price range:

a digital painting with moderate time spent refining shapes and finding values. abstract props and backgrounds. price varies based on complexity of the subject.


price range:

a digital painting with considerable time spent refining shapes and finding values. defined props, but abstract backgrounds. price subject to change with the complexity of the subject of the painting.

🩰character designπŸŒ™

price range:

for cases where the subject does not have any visual reference. price based on complexity of the character. this will feature a picture of the character in a neutral pose from front and back. this reference sheet can be used to commission other artists as a visual representation of your character.


price range: by request

a finished vtuber design, fully rendered, cut and ready to be rigged in live2d. I know the basics of live2d, but not nearly well enough to offer my services for sale. you will need to commission a rigger to work with me to bring your vtuber to life


Hello and welcome to my terms of service!

Please first understand that I am a freelance artist. Art is a very personal craft for me. I draw only in my style, and only subjects that I can connect to in some way. This means that commissions are not accepted on a first-come basis, but put in front of me for consideration.

I use photo references for most of my work. They are usually listed on my pinterest board.

I only accept ko-fi & paypal payments. Once full payment is received, the sketch can begin.

There will be two check-in's during the commission process: once for approval of the sketch, and once again for color. I paint on minimal layers, so major changes beyond the color check-in are not possible without incurring further fees.

Please note that I have a full-time job and my availability ebbs and flows. Deadlines upon request for a fee.

You are commissioning me to draw your subject. I reserve all rights to the image. Your commission is only available for your personal use.

Before submitting a commission request, please look at my other art. Consider when choosing your subject how well it would fit into my world.

If you agree to my above terms, please feel free to contact me via my twitter or business email with a description of your subject, references images, and which commission tier you are interested in. I may be happy to oblige!

Thank you for your interest in my art! πŸ€πŸŒΈπŸ¦‹